International Hat Competition 2014 / Chapeau Caussade, France.

1st prize award, category straw, "Masca de Baroque"

The Worshipful Company of Feltmakers of London 1st prize Feltmakers Design Award 2013


The inspiration for this hat design came from Gothic architecture and 19th century menswear. The construction of archways, in particular arching shapes and volume, inspired me to create a peace that connects the past with the 21st century. The ‘voussoir’ of the arch is reflected both in shape and volume in the hat design, representing a revival of the Gothic style. The colour of the hat is based on the dark brown tones of the 19th century menswear. To keep a connection with the Gothic arch, and to emphasise the modernity of the 21st century, two quills were added at the front of the hat. Furthermore the length of the quills balances the shape, and bright orange gives delicate colour detail to lift the hat’s brown tones.


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